Extra: Hunter Biden’s Laptop, The Steele Dossier, And Media Bias

Weeks before the 2020 presidential election, Twitter and most news outlets suppressed the New York Post’s reporting of suspicious contents found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. At the time, they falsely dismissed it as “Russian misinformation.” Supporters of President Trump saw it as an effort to protect Vice President Biden before voters went to the polls.

Last week, the Republican-led House Oversight and Accountability Committee held a hearing to investigate what they consider Big Tech’s censorship of that story and their media bias against conservatives.

Howard Kurtz, host of Media Buzz on the FOX News Channel and the Media Buzz Meter podcast, joins the Rundown’s Dave Anthony to look back at when the Hunter laptop story broke, how it was handled, and whether or not politics influenced the editorial decisions made by social media and news companies.

Kurtz explained why he believed Republicans and former President Trump had a reason to be upset about the story’s suppression and how he thinks negative stories about former President Donald Trump did not face the same kind of scrutiny. He also agreed with a recent Columbia Journalism Review article that concluded that mainstream media outlets botched the handling of the “Russiagate” scandal that plagued the Trump White House for years.

The conversation takes a deep dive into the issue of media bias and the culture in newsrooms across the country. However, due to time limitations, we could not include all of the discussion in our original segment. On the FOX News Rundown Extra, you will hear our entire interview with Media Buzz host Howard Kurtz and get more analysis on how media companies and social platforms should handle complicated, controversial yet critical political stories.