Tom Brady Did THIS During His Final Season?!

Tom Brady did this during his final NFL season and it’s more heartwarming and impressive to me than anything he did on the football field.

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Tom Brady is the winningest quarterback in professional football history, the GOAT as some would say.

But in the last year his personal life and off-field activities have caused arguably the most chatter.

His divorce, his second retirement- all newsworthy. But here’s a Tom Brady story that’s even better than all that.

During his final NFL season, Tom Brady volunteered at a local Tampa Bay animal shelter.

Holding puppies, bottle feeding kittens- the whole 9 yards.

And it wasn’t just one time and wasn’t for a photo op either, he quietly showed up every other week to help out and didn’t ask for an ounce of spotlight for it, either.

It was something he did with his kids to make a difference and give back. Sure, he could’ve cut a big check and called it good enough, but for me, him giving his time is even more impressive.

As an animal lover and dog parent to a rescue chihuahua, I gotta say this made me a Tom Brady fan and I don’t even like football.

You don’t have to be a Brady fan or even a sports fan to be touched by this story.

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