Millennials Have Mom & Dad Footing the Bills!

The numbers are in and a staggering percentage of Millennials have mom and dad picking up their tab.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Let me preface this by saying that I am a Millennial and my parents pay exactly zero percent of my bills, the same cannot be said for 40% of my peers.

Yes, a recent survey shows 2 out of 5 Millennials admit their parents pick up one or more of their monthly bills!

Housing accounts for the bulk of this assistance with 24% of my fellow Millennials getting rent assistance from mom and pop- 17% even have their parents paying the mortgage!

Ya know, call me crazy, but if you cannot afford to buy a home without your parents, you probably shouldn’t be buying a home!

But it doesn’t end at shelter, Millennials also have their parents covering utilities, groceries, car payments and even streaming services!

I’m not yet a parent but I tell ya what, the LAST thing I’d help my ADULT kid pay for would be his or her Netflix and Chill!

I get Biden’s economy is rough on young people- and all people except for illegal immigrants- but this is too much.

The entitlement generations need a wake up call and we need a cultural shift to a new and improved “tough love” generation!

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