Fr. Robert Sirico On “The Synodal Way” and the Late George Cardinal Pell

The word ‘Synodality’ may make Protestant’s eyes glaze over, but inside the Catholic Church it is causing lots of controversy, as bishops around the globe spar over what Pope Francis expects from this new initiative. Is it a course correction for the Catholic Church? Is it a 21st Century version of Vatican II? Or is it Pope Francis creating the Church in his image? It’s easier to explain what “The Synodal Way” is not, than what it is, and that’s why Australia’s George Cardinal Pell, who died a few weeks ago, was one of its most vocal critics. He called it a ‘Toxic Nightmare’. Just before he died, he penned a scathing article in “The London Spectator” explaining why this move of ‘listening, dialogue and discernment,’ was more New Age metaphysics, than Church doctrine. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith, Cardinal Pell’s good friend Fr. Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute, explains his take on what “The Synodal Way” is, why the bishops are up in arms about it, and why it could bring further divisions within the Catholic Church. He also talks about why he believes the phony abuse charges against Pell in Australia – for which he spent more than a year in prison – were likely connected to his work overseeing reforms of the Vatican Bank.