From Washington: Can Speaker McCarthy Strike Debt Limit Deal?

On Wednesday, President Biden and House Speaker McCarthy discussed the nation’s looming debt ceiling crisis for the first time. The meeting, which lasted over an hour, yielded no agreements on how the government should move forward to raise the country’s debt limit. Although the White House expressed that both leaders have a “shared duty” to avoid a default, President Biden has maintained that he will not negotiate with the GOP to resolve the economic issue at hand. FOX News Senior Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram discusses his takeaways from the meeting, what legislation can be passed before the deadline on the default, and the relationship dynamics between the President and Speaker.
This week, the Pentagon found and tracked a suspected spy balloon sent by China into United States airspace. On Friday, China’s Foreign Ministry made a statement apologizing, calling the device a civilian “airship.” Pentagon Spokesman General Patrick Ryder said Friday that the U.S. Military would not specify the location of the balloon, but that it did not pose a threat to anyone on the ground. FOX News National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin explains how the breach of airspace puts diplomacy at risk, what message China is sending, and how it impacts the country’s already tense relationship with China.