Memphis Mayhem

Let’s be clear, what happened to Tyre Nichols at the hands of 5 Memphis officers was WRONG but that DOES NOT GIVE ANYONE the right to assault or attack innocent officers OR destroy property.

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If you’ve seen the body-cam footage of the deadly Tyre Nichols traffic stop, you know that it’s disturbing and what those 5 Memphis officers did was wrong and NOT police protocol.

They have been swiftly charged with second-degree murder and they will be held accountable in the court of law.

What they did does NOT give anyone license to attack innocent officers, riot, or destroy property like we saw in a handful of cities over the weekend.

Good cops loathe bad cops more than any other group of people so to attack innocent officers over the offenses of those 5 Memphis officers is WRONG.

Furthermore, if you’re causing damage and wreaking havoc in a city outside of Memphis in a state outside of Tennessee, you are not doing it for Tyre, you are doing it because you THINK you have an excuse to act a fool!

Enough! Let the justice system do its work. Leave the streets in peace!

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