POTUS Touts Economic Success, Could It Signal a 2024 Run?

On Thursday, President Biden spoke from Springfield, Virginia to deliver a speech discussing the state of the economy while warning against proposals made by GOP lawmakers. In the newly divided Congress, House Republicans have called for spending cuts to lift the debt limit in order to avoid a default on government debt. While the Department of Commerce reported the country’s gross domestic product grew 2.9% in the fourth quarter of 2022, high inflation rates have left many skeptical that the economy is headed in the right direction. FOX News Sunday Host Shannon Bream joins the Rundown to discuss how the President’s economic message could pave the way for his potential re-election campaign, former President Trump’s possible return to Facebook, and Speaker McCarthy’s shakeups to the House Committee assignments.

California saw back-to-back mass shootings this past week, bringing the country to a total of 39 mass shootings just within 2023. These tragedies that impacted communities in Half Moon Bay and Monterey Park were just the latest in a trend of mass gun violence that is projected to outpace records in previous years. Police work to prevent and minimize casualties in these situations, however, in the case of the shooting at the Monterey Park ballroom, it took five hours for authorities to alert the public to the threat of a gunman at large. Former FBI Special Agent Nicole Parker joins the podcast to explain common red flags and demographics of mass shooters, how the FBI has stepped up their threat assessments following prominent incidents, and the need for a national alert system for mass shootings.

Plus, commentary by former congressman Jason Chaffetz, host of the Jason in the House podcast.