“Natural Woman” Offends the Woke

The wokesters are now offended by an iconic Aretha Franklin song.

Is there anything good the Left doesn’t try to ruin?!

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The woke Left is offended by literally everything, so much so I think they spend their days LOOKING for new things to be offended by.

Well this time they are picking Aretha Franklin’s iconic hit song “Natural Woman.”

You knew this was coming, the song is apparently triggering for the trans community since it references natural women, something the wokesters find very problematic and discriminatory.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another, folks!

But the Left can’t make up its mind. One day the feminists are preaching about female empowerment and the next the radical LGBTQ movement is complaining the term “woman” in itself isn’t inclusive enough.

The victim mentality never ends and this woke ideology will eventually come for every shred of normalcy we have left in this country.

Get a new hobby, Liberals!

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