Move Over Critical Race Theory and All Other “High Theories,” It’s Time For Biblical Critical Theory

No doubt you’ve heard of Critical Race Theory, that form of social philosophy that’s become controversial in classrooms today because it tends to blame all society’s problems on race. There’s also Feminist Theory, Queer Theory and a whole host of what’s known as ‘high theories’. But Dr. Christopher Watkin, a professor of French studies and philosophy, wondered why there’s never been a “Biblical Critical Theory”. So, he took on the task of creating one. After all, the Bible is the most comprehensive book focused on the whole of humanity; body, mind and spirit, as well as the meaning and purpose of life. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Watkins explains more about his book, “Biblical Critical Theory: How the Bible’s Unfolding Story Makes Sense of Modern Life and Culture.” He explains that the problem with CRT and all other critical theory subsets is that they’re too narrow. They reduce humanity to one sliver of existence, while ignoring the panorama of life’s journey. This is the ‘So what?’ of the Bible that we all crave to understand. Why should we care about what the Bible has to say? Because if the Bible is truly the Word of God, and His plan for redemption and consequences of hell and damnation are realities, then ‘Biblical Critical Theory’ is much more than an academic treatise. It is an ominous warning.