President Biden addressed the Special Counsel’s investigation saying he has “no regrets,” a week after it was revealed that documents containing classified markings were found at a former D.C. office of his and in his garage at his Wilmington, Delaware residence. It can only be expected this investigation into President Biden is drawing comparisons to the ongoing investigation of former President Trump, who had his Mar-a-Lago home searched by FBI agents last year. Former Assistant U.S. Attorney and Law Professor, Andy McCarthy explains whether he thinks the two cases should be treated the same, the role of the National Archives in maintaining these documents, and why the issue is more complicated than meets the eye.
The COVID-19 vaccine mandate officially lifted within the U.S. military, a mandate that previously kicked 8,000 soldiers, who refused the vaccine, out of service. Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder held a presser this week, stating that the Department of Defense is “not currently pursuing back pay to service members who were dismissed for refusing to take the COVID vaccination.” Doctor, Veteran, and Republican Congressman Neal Dunn (FL-2) explains why this act is extremely harmful to the military and shares that he thinks Congress will be able to pass legislation to bring justice to the soldiers that were wronged. Later, he addresses the conversation about the higher risk of stroke and blood clots amongst those who did in fact receive the vaccine.