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Katie Pavlich, Editor for & Fox News Contributor joined the Guy Benson Show to react to the political and legal fallout from the Joe Biden classified document scandal that is now under the microscope of a special counsel.

Pavlich reacted to document scandal saying

Joe Biden is not a victim in this. And I think there are more serious questions to be asked, like was Joe Biden, who was a business partner to Hunter Biden using classified information to make deals with foreign adversaries. That’s a question the special counsel should be looking into. The fact is that this information was just laying around and they continue to say that the search is over. But then they say the search is not over and they continue to find the stuff. And it’s the White House counsel dealing with that, even though it happened when he was vice president and not this, you know, not during this White House counsel. And so clearly it was being used for some purpose. Was it for the president to write a book? Was it? For other reasons, we don’t know. But those are questions that Americans deserve answers to.”