“This Goes To The Heart Of Who These People Are:” Charlie Hurt Blasts “Deadbeat” Joe Biden For Rejecting “Inconvenient” Granddaughter

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Charles Hurt, Opinion editor at the Washington Times and Fox News Contributor joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the political fallout from the Biden classified document scandal and the latest Hunter Biden drama.

Hurt blasted Biden for rejecting his granddaughter by saying,

Could you imagine having a granddaughter your own flesh and blood, and and ignoring her vanishing or as you say, airbrushing her out of the family because somehow it’s embarrassing to you or it’s politically inconvenient to you? I think that this while the you know, the other stuff is sordid and disgusting, all that kind of stuff. And and I but I agree with you. It’s not centrally important to his this goes to the heart of who these people are, people who who are deadbeat grandads and deadbeat dads, especially when they claim to represent, you know, the Democratic Party claims to represent people who have been disproportionately affected, their lives destroyed, families destroyed by fathers who don’t take responsibility for their children. I find it the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed in a in a politician at this level.”