Harmeet Dhillon: It’s Time For New Leadership At The RNC So We Can Get Back To Winning

CEO and founder of the Center for American Liberty Harmeet Dhillon joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to explain how the current leadership at the Republican National Committee is not doing nearly enough to help GOP candidates win elections, and why this indicates it’s time to put someone new in charge.

“I can understand why somebody doesn’t want to leave. What I can’t understand is that of the 168 members of the Republican National Committee, enough of us apparently as of today seem willing to say, this leadership that has failed is fine, peasants in my state. I’m fine with it. And you should be fine with losses too. Hey, we knocked on more doors. We turned out more voters. We had more plays in the final quarter of the football game. We did not move the ball. But you know, you should be satisfied with our effort. No, I’m sorry, this isn’t kindergarten. You don’t get a gold star or an A for effort. You must win. That is the main role of the party. You must have turnover that is healthy for any healthy organization. And so that we don’t have that is problematic. But the good news is, a growing number of members of the Republican National Committee have supported me. The public is supporting me. Most conservative media is supporting me. An increasing number of members of Congress are supporting us, and state parties all over the country and county parties where the state parties won’t do it are stepping up and endorsing change at the RNC. So in that sense, we have had a great conversation in the party about the need for accountability, responsibility, strategies to win elections.”

Harmeet also shares her thoughts on how the media is covering President Biden’s handling of classified documents. Listen to the podcast to hear what else she had to say!