From Washington: Special Counsel Named To President Biden Probe

This week, President Biden came under fire as it was revealed aides found classified documents at multiple locations associated with the President. Attorney General Merrick Garland named Robert Hur as the Special Counsel who will oversee the investigation into the mishandling of the documents. The timing of the discovery has led many to wonder how the situation differs from that of former President Trump whose Mar-a-Lago home was raided due to classified documents. Law Professor at George Washington University Jonathan Turley evaluates how much trouble President Biden may be facing and discusses what he’ll be watching out for as the story continues to unfold.


After a historic 15 rounds of voting, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) won the Speaker’s gavel last week. With a Democrat-controlled Senate, what’s in store for the Republican-led Congress? FOX News Senior Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram takes a look back at the Speakership vote and discusses whether or not House Republicans have reconciled. Later, he explains what’s inside the GOP’s Congressional agenda, as well as the focus of new select committees that were approved this week.