Victoria’s Latest Secret

Victoria’s Secret is out! If you don’t wanna go broke, don’t go woke!

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Victoria’s Secret has been an iconic brand for decades but if you’ve shopped there in the last few years you may have noticed..shall we say…a branding change.

Mannequins are larger, the iconic “Angel” fashion shows are no more and the overall aesthetic is not what it used to be.

And perhaps that’s why the brand has been closing stores right and left for the last few years and now their latest CEO of woke- Amy Hauk- is stepping down.

Since, shares have tumbled 5.65% and there’s no telling if the company can rebound.

Might I suggest abandoning this new virtue signaling marketing plan and going back to being a lingerie store?

That’s the problem with woke decision making, it completely overlooks the customer, the brand ID, and the profit-making all so someone in some office can check a box and feel like they’ve done something!

Go woke, go broke! And that’s no secret.

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