From Washington: Obstacles Ahead For Senate Republicans

The 118th Congress began on a chaotic note for the House Republicans amid their struggle to elect a Speaker, leading many to wonder whether the GOP will face the same division in the Senate. While Democrats were able to maintain their slim majority, they fear their control of the Senate is more vulnerable due to potential retirements within their party. Senate and Governors Editor for The Cook Political Report, Jessica Taylor weighs in on the stark dichotomy between Republicans in the House and Senate, challenges Senate Democrats will face in 2024, and the future for legislation in the heavily divided Congress.

President Biden announced a new plan for combatting record immigration across the U.S. Southern border, including expanding the Trump-era Title 42 program. How will the new measures impact migrants coming into the country? FOX News Correspondent and Co-Anchor of FOX News Live, Griff Jenkins joins to discuss the President’s upcoming visit to the border, how the new policies may cause the Democrat party to push back against the Biden Administration and the possibility of Congressional action on immigration reform.