Chadwick Moore: Why All This House Speaker Drama Is Kind Of Fantastic

Journalist and Contributing Editor at The Spectator Chadwick Moore joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to discuss the benefits of having a drawn out voting process for the next House Speaker.

“I don’t mind gridlock at all. I think it’s also hilarious. I mean, on a serious note, not even hilarious. I think it’s kind of wonderful. This is how the House is supposed to operate. It’s messy and chaotic and it’s highly entertaining. Well, it’s entertaining now. It hasn’t been entertaining for a long time. Finally, we’re getting entertained and the House is sort of behaving as how they’re supposed to, which is a great thing. It’s fun to watch the Democrats and the Democrat Party be like, look at how much in disarray the Republicans are. My God, they’re so chaotic and messy. No, it’s they’re proving that they’re not the mono party of singular thought and little lemmings that just go in the same direction. I think it’s kind of fantastic.”

Chadwick also gives his take on why a growing amount of Americans are leaving states like New York and California. To hear what else he had to say, listen to the podcast!