Will The Housing Market Bounce Back in 2023?

During the pandemic, the housing market boomed, as the demand for more space from eager buyers was met with an ample supply of homes from sellers looking to capitalize on the surging housing prices. 2023 will look very different, with high inflation creating high mortgage rates that are making it unaffordable for many Americans to purchase houses right now. Even Fed Chair Jerome Powell admitted weeks ago that the pandemic housing market was a “housing bubble,” leaving many wondering what will happen this year now that the bubble has burst. FOX Business’ Gerri Willis joins the Rundown to explain why the mix of low inventory and high-interest rates is bad news for this year’s housing market and how homebuyers can navigate this tough market.


2022 is behind us but the year was rife with political division, from controversial decisions made in Washington to the midterm elections, many aspects of American politics drummed up intense discussions across the country. In August 2022, FOX’s Dana Perino spoke with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) about his memoir, “America: A Redemption Story” and how it illustrates what Americans can achieve when we collaborate and help our fellow citizens. Today on the Rundown, we look back at that conversation from last August with Senator Scott, who shared some key stories from his book and explained the widespread impact of political polarization, the negative role played by partisan media sources, and how the United States can become even more resilient if we place greater emphasis on unity.


Plus, commentary by author and vice president of communications for Focus on The Family, Paul Batura.