From Washington: Rep. Michael Lawler On New York’s Red Wave

While the “Red Wave” that was predicted by many pollsters and pundits didn’t materialize in 2022, there were a few bright spots across the nation where the Republicans were able to make some gains. The FOX News Rundown From Washington revisits an interview with Congressman-Elect Michael Lawler (R-NY 17th District) to discuss his win over the DCCC chair Sean Patrick Maloney, his plans for Congress when he takes control of the seat and the policies he will be supporting.

As the Russian war on Ukraine continues into the new year, many wonder what the future of U.S. support will look like with a Republican lead House of Representatives. In September, President Biden sent a strong message to Russia at the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly about the priority of protecting Ukrainian sovereignty. The FOX News Rundown From Washington looks back on an interview with Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine under three presidents William Taylor as he explains the U.N. messaging to Russian President Vladimir Putin and why it is important to continue to support the war effort in Europe.