From Washington: Will Republicans Get Off On The Right Foot?

With only one week left in 2022, the biggest story looking forward to the new year is who will become the leader of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has already started his pitch for House Speaker, as people speculate who will join former President Trump in the 2024 presidential race. Senior Political Correspondent at Axios Josh Kraushaar highlights which stories to pay attention to once the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, and explains how the GOP can have a productive legislative year.
How did Santa Claus, the character beloved by children across the world, help the Union Army win the Civil War? FOX & Friends Co-Host and the Narrator of the FOX Nation special How Santa Won The Civil War, Brian Kilmeade joins to discuss how cartoonist Thomas Nast created the modern image of Santa, how it was used to boost morale and promote enlistment during the war, and the impact it had on shaping Christmas for generations to come.