Ronna McDaniel Hits Back at Turning Point: How Many Young Voters Did They Register? How Many Youth Voters Turned Out?

Ronna McDaniel, RNC Chairwoman, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about her leadership being questioned after the midterms didn’t produce the red wave, especially in the senate and being challenged for RNC Chair by Harmeet Dhillon. McDaniel says Dhillion is good attorney but never ran a state party or campaign. McDaniel took issue with Turning Point USA for pushing Dhillion. McDaniel said Turning Point does great conferences but asked, how many young voters did they register and how many youth voters did they turnout this cycle? McDaniel feels if you are going to hold the RNC accountable, start looking at these outside organizations that don’t disclose their finances. When asked why Republicans lost the senate, McDaniel thinks Dobbs decision and republican messaging was a huge factor. McDaniel believes republicans not pushing for having no exceptions for the life of the mother affected senate races. McDaniel says republicans can’t stick our heads into the sand and ignore the issue and start listening to suburban women because if we don’t, we’re going to lose again in 2024.

McDaniel also discussed why Kevin McCarthy deserves to be Speaker of the House and why Republicans should have passed smaller budget and wait for Republicans to take over House.