Dr. Marty Makary: If You Ever Hear Dr. Fauci Apologize For Anything, Please Give Me A Call

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Dr. Marty Makary, surgeon and Professor of Health Policy at The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and Author of “The Price We Pay: What Broke American Healthcare”, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about Twitter shadow banning anyone who wasn’t part of the group think on Covid. Makary feels social media companies should just stay out of the business of accelerating certain people and decelerating others and have too many biases and they have a horrible track record. Makary believes what social media has done is actually hurting public health and people don’t believe anything coming from our public health officials because they perceive it is amplified by social media and the CDC crying wolf too many times.

Makary also took issue with how Dr Fauci handled the pandemic and how in his opinion showed no humility and made a lot of mistakes. When asked why Fauci never expressed outrage and frustration with how China handled the initial Covid outbreak and getting to the origins of the pandemic, Makary said China is one of the topics he will never talk about unless he’s directly asked in front of the Senate. Makary does not think people want revenge against Dr Fauci but rather come closure for the deaths of millions from the virus. If the virus was manufactured in a laboratory and the NIH was funding it, Makary says people at a minimum deserve an apology and Dr. Fauci should call for a universal end of all gain of function research.