Forecasting 2024: A Look To The Midterms For Clues

Democrats will officially have 51 seats in the Senate as Senator Raphael Warnock wins reelection in Georgia against GOP challenger Herschel Walker. With this win the 2022 midterms head to a close and Republicans, who will now hold the House majority, are evaluating what course correction must be done ahead of 2024. First, Co-Director of the Fox News Poll Daron Shaw joins the Rundown to explain the impact the Democrats’ win in Georgia will have on the nation and how the midterms results show which GOP candidates will have broad appeal in 2024. Later, Co-Host of The Five Jessica Tarlov joins the podcast to share what factors contributed to Senator Warnock’s reelection, how the midterms showed appeal for moderate candidates, and why she believes President Biden shows strength heading into 2024.

On Monday, the Supreme Court heard another religious freedom case challenging an anti-discrimination law in Colorado. The case involves Lorie Smith, a web designer using her Christian faith to defend her right to not make wedding websites for homosexual couples. Kristen Waggoner, a Constitutional attorney and CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom, is the lawyer representing Smith at the Supreme Court. She joins the Rundown to discuss the basis of the case, and what this means for the First Amendment rights of all Americans.

Plus, commentary by FOX News Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett.