Author and Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to share his thoughts on the backlash President Biden is getting from the White House press corps for excluding journalists from the traditional presidential media Christmas parties.

“These people are only performing and they’re for themselves. So not getting a White House Christmas invite is the end of the world. Well look, I’ve been there. I’ve been there for Trump. I was there for George Bush. I was there for Obama. I got one invitation for Obama. These are packed events with animals killing each other to get to the food trough. And then your big takeaway is you get to wait in line for three hours to take a picture with a president who could care less whether you’re there or not. That’s the White House Christmas party. And if you’re lucky, the wife will not curse you out as you leave, because she can’t imagine that this dumpy affair is the White House Christmas party. Believe me, this is the reality.”

Raymond and Jimmy also talk about how Left-wing media pundits once propped up now-disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti, who was recently sentenced to 14 years in prison for stealing money from his clients. Listen to the podcast to hear what else he had to say!