Host of “Mansion Global” on Fox Business Katrina Campins joins Fox Across America With guest host Rich Zeoli to talk about why high inflation is likely to have an impact on how much people travel this holiday season.

“The cost of everything has gone up. You know, the cost of gas, obviously, and fuel has gone up. And so I think a lot of families are probably going to choose to stay at home as a result of that this year. And with regard to housing, housing has definitely been influential because it’s the largest component of the CPI when they’re calculating all of these statistics. And tenant’s rent made up 7.4 percent of the CPI in September and owners equivalent rent, which measures homeowners costs made up of 24 percent. So shelter is a huge component of where people are spending their money, and food. So I think those are the two things which leave less discretionary income for traveling, which I think we are going to see this Christmas, these holidays.”

Plus, Katrina previews what we can expect in the upcoming episodes of “Mansion Global”, Listen to the podcast to hear what else she had to say!