On Wednesday, New York Congressman Hakeem Jeffries was elected as the next House Democrat leader, replacing Nancy Pelosi as she steps down from the position. Meanwhile, Republican leader Kevin McCarthy is expected to face a challenge in securing the 218 votes needed to become the next Speaker of the House. FOX News Sunday Host Shannon Bream joins the Rundown to discuss the next generation of congressional leadership, what leader McCarthy must do to close the margin of votes, and the fight for Georgia’s Senate seat in the runoff race.

Crime has been a major concern for US cities. In an effort to address this issue, on Tuesday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced the launch of a directive that would allow first responders like police officers and firefighters, to involuntarily commit people struggling with mental illness to the hospital for psychiatric help. First, retired NYPD Lieutenant Joe Cardinale joins to share why the government must step up to help the city’s homeless population who have become a danger to themselves and others. Later, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute Stephen Eide weighs in on how the program could become a blueprint for American cities helping the homeless and the uphill battle Mayor Adams faces in implementing this plan.

Plus, commentary from FOX Nation host Tom Shillue.