Angelenos Fleeing to Sin City!

Californians are fleeing the once Golden State in record numbers and THIS is where they’re heading.

I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next.

It’s no secret residents are fleeing California in record numbers. Two cities top the list of metro areas people are leaving, San Francisco is number 1 and LA is number 2.

Data from Redfin indicates 20% of Angelenos and 24% of San Franciscans are searching for homes elsewhere.

But where are they going? Well Angelenos are looking at None other than Sin City- Las Vegas, Nevada!

And it makes sense, home prices are much lower, crime isn’t as bad, and now the state has a Republican Governor!

Fact is, California is for the very rich and the very poor. Those in the middle class just can’t afford it, and not only that, they no longer want to!

The state is a mess. Rolling blackouts, taxes on taxes, regulations on regulations, the mask police always on standby and a homeless population that grows by the day!

It’s no wonder residents are getting the heck outta dodge!

And they aren’t just fleeing to Nevada, a lot of ’em are headed to Texas, Florida and Tennessee.

We just hope they leave their liberalism at the state line!

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