Is China’s Not-So-Secret Weapon Already On Your Phone?

Government officials like FBI Director Christopher Wray and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen have raised concerns once again about the threat TikTok poses to US national security. Lawmakers have pushed for legislation to ban TikTok nationwide, as worries grow that the Chinese-owned app could be used by China’s government to access private data, covertly influence people and even give China access to Americans’ devices. Former National Security Council Director For China and Senior Director For East Asian Affairs Dennis Wilder joins the podcast to break down the various ways China can access Americans data via TikTok, how the app’s algorithm can be manipulated to promote Chinese propaganda and why government officials have been raising alarms about TikTok for years.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland recently appointed Jack Smith as the special counsel who will be overseeing the investigation into former President Trump’s handling of classified documents. Although Attorney General Garland claimed the appointment emphasized the Justice Department’s commitment to independent investigations, many Republicans are questioning Smith’s impartiality. Former Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of New York and FOX News Contributor Andy McCarthy joins the Rundown to discuss the nature of the investigation, the impact this could have on the former President, and the investigation into Hunter Biden being prepared by the upcoming Republican Congress.

Plus, commentary by former White House speechwriter and Fox News Contributor Marc Thiessen.