The Chinese Protest COVID Tyranny

The Chinese people are taking a stand against their communist, COVID-obsessed, freedom-sucking government which is leaving American liberals really conflicted because while they claim to be social justice warriors they also have an affinity for tyranny and COVID control!

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For nearly 3 years these people have lived like prisoners of war, on house arrest with their communist government holding COVID over their heads.

But oddly, American Democrats and American mainstream media- controlled by Democrats- just can’t really wrap their minds around letting COVID and COVID control go.

But wait, I thought American leftists were supposed to be all about protest, activism, and social justice? Or is that just when it comes to George Floyd, BLM, and the burning and looting of American cities?

The Chinese people are right to be rising up against China’s “zero COVID policy. They have the basic human right to be able to live, work, and move about freely without being locked down in perpetuity over a virus that will NEVER be eradicated.

Americans should be in full support of these protesters and it’s sad some liberals and liberal companies- like Apple- are not.

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