Democratic strategist Kevin Walling joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to share his thoughts on why President Biden has not made any trips to the U.S. Southern border during his term.

“A lot of folks on the Right have made a deal about the vice president not traveling there and the president not traveling there. I mean, they get briefed nearly every day about it. I think the White House wants to avoid the imagery of the president standing next to the border wall. You know, you see that all the time play out in campaigns. And then that becomes the clip that Republicans run. But I think you’re seeing the White House entertain some different options down there to get more strict, especially with the different health protocols lapsing and what the response is going to be, because it is an unmitigated disaster. I think with a Republican House, you’re going to see a lot more oversight on that. And the incoming speaker potentially, if he has the votes, Kevin McCarthy, says, look, Mayorkas is going to be up there every single day or every other day, along with James Comer, who’s taking over Oversight. So this is a problem that’s not going away. And hopefully with some more oversight and we’ll search some resources and figure this out.”

Kevin also reacts to John Kirby’s comments on the U.S.’s disastrous Afghan troop withdrawal back in August of 2021. Listen to the podcast to hear what else he had to say!