GenZers are setting a new record and hint hint, it’s not necessarily flattering.

I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next.

If you were born in 1997 or any year thereafter, congratulations you are in Generation Z and while you might be young, spry and tech savvy, you are also in the generation known for quiet quitting, TikTok addiction and now this.

Gen-Zers are moving back in with their parents in record numbers. According to a new online poll, 54% of GenZers are foregoing independence to live with mom and dad thanks to Biden’s economy.

Rent, groceries, gas- everything is more expensive.

But we can’t just blame Joe because according to Pew Research, a greater percentage of this generation has moved back home than in the Great Depression!

These modern youngsters readily admit it isn’t just due to affordability, but also immaturity- they just don’t want to be adulting on their own.

This is really pathetic. Though it may be tempting to have a live-in parental maid, chef and caretaker, it certainly does very little for personal growth.

Move out. Get a job. Work hard. Pay your own way, kiddos!

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