Design House “Balenciaga” is under fire for a disturbing ad campaign featuring children and BDSM-inspired images but a few notable brand ambassadors are still rather quiet…

And I thought they were known for their social justice activism…hmm…

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By now you’ve probably seen what is being deemed the Balenciaga “BDSM Teddy Bear” ad campaign featuring children holding stuffed animals dressed in bondage and even paperwork from a Supreme Court child porn case.

The images were disturbing, disgusting and exploitative and caused an internet firestorm over the weekend- the backlash being so severe the fashion house has pulled the campaign and is even suing the ad’s producers for millions.

But noticeably silent on all of this are social justice warrior celebrities who also happen to be Balenciaga models brand ambassadors…celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Nicole Kidman, Dua Lipa and others who- despite fans pleading with them to denounce the campaign- haven’t said a word.

This just goes to show that these typically loud mouth activists care more about the endorsement dollars in their pockets than what is decent, right and moral.

Shame on Balenciaga, and shame on all of its ambassadors who lack the basic decency to reject child exploitation!

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