(AP Photo/Butch Dill, File)

Jonathan Swan of Axios spoke to Brian Kilmeade about Donald Trump still having solid poll numbers among republicans for the 2024 nomination. Swan also points out that there has been a meaningful defection from Trump to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis after the mid-terms. Swan believes that Trump benefits from a large primary field because it divides up the anti-Trump vote and it could lead to a repeat of 2016 where he wins a plurality rather than a majority of Republican primary voters. While Swan feels it is still a huge mountain for anyone to defeat Trump in the primary, the more interesting question for Swan is, what does Trump do if he loses? Swan wonders if Trump will help the winner and encourage his supporters to support them or does he go on a jihad against them? Swan believes what Trump does if he loses could have a real effect in the general election if he is not fully on board with the GOP candidate.

Swan also discussed the several ongoing investigations into Donald Trump and how the central priority for the new Republican House majority will be focused on Hunter Biden.