The story of Daisy Strongin’s journey from normal 15-year-old to transgender male and then back to female, is a cautionary tale for Bible believing parents who hold that God created us to be male and female. The documentary “Dysconnected” tells Daisy’s heart-wrenching story of gender dysphoria and how the people around her – friends, medical experts and school officials – told her the solution was to alter her body permanently through surgery. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, filmmaker Don Johnson talks about Daisy’s journey, the transgender movement, and why it’s taken off like wildfire in the culture. Johnson’s film though, is part of a growing push back by people of faith and some medical professionals about the dangers of puberty blockers, hormone therapy and sex change surgeries. Although Diasy was a healthy teenager, she had an elective double-mastectomy that she regretted soon after. The testosterone she took permanently changed her voice. But Daisy’s story in the end is hopeful and triumphant. Johnson includes in this documentary the belief that all people of faith should first present compassion and love to young people experiencing gender dysphoria. And that loving them doesn’t always mean giving them what they think they want or believe they need.