Holiday Pilot Strike?

A major airline CEO is dropping some mile high reassurance ahead of the holiday travel season.

What does this mean for YOUR travel plans? I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next

Earlier this week, the CEO of Delta Airlines told NBC there is “no possibility” of a pilot strike during the holiday season or anytime.

But this comes after its pilot union voted to authorize a strike as it negotiates a new contract.

As it stands now, pilots can’t go on strike unless the National Mediation Board declares an impasse in negotiations. After a 30-day cooling-off period, the union can go on strike or the carrier can initiate a lockout.

But Delta’s CEO remains confident it’s not gonna happen and as much as I want to believe him, the airlines are still a hot mess and have been since the pandemic- or more accurately pandemic policies and infringements- threw a wrench in the machine.

Pilots and flight attendants have had to fight for better working conditions, compensation and AGAINST BS mandates for years now and it’s about time the airlines address it.

Pilots ARE essential and so are the crews surrounding them. I’m not typically a pro-union gal, but in this case, I stand with the pilots!

Now let’s get to more flyin’ and less delayin’!

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