Ted Talks are 18-minute videos of influential speakers. So here’s a question: What would Jesus say if he gave a Ted Talk? Turns out, He already did some two-thousand years ago, and it’s probably one of the most, if not thee most influential and profound speeches of all time. It’s called the Sermon on the Mount, found in the book of Matthew. Many people may not know its name, but they know many of the golden nuggets of Jesus’s core teachings that come from it, like The Lord’s Prayer, “Our Father who art in heaven…” and the Beatitudes like, “Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.” Dr. Robert Jeffress, Senior Pastor at First Baptist Dallas, explores the philosophies and Divine guidance of the Sermon on the Mount in his book, “Eighteen Minutes with Jesus: Straight Talk from the Savior about the Things that Matter Most.” On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Dr. Jeffress does a deep dive into what is considered Jesus’s longest sermon in the Bible. Ironically, it’s short by today’s sermon standards. But Jesus addresses everything we need to know about the purpose of life. He talks about money, your sex life, how to deal with enemies, how should we treat people. It’s all there. And what’s even more profound, Jesus wasn’t speaking to a group of believers. His audience was a variety of people possessing a wide variety of religious beliefs or no beliefs. Sound familiar? Which is why the Ted Talk from two thousand years ago, still applies today.