Josh Rogin, Washington Post columnist, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about getting to the bottom of the origins of the pandemic being a national security issue. Rogin calls out democrats who are unwilling to investigate the NIH and its funding of the various labs in Wuhan or the USA or any of the other stuff that was going on that may have contributed to the outbreak. While Rogin believes republicans will give it their best to get answers, he feels it would be great if we had just one democrat with enough courage to stand up and say this is not a political issue, it is something horrible that happened affecting seven billion people and we have to figure out what happened. Rogin says it is a crying shame that democrats will just attack republican investigations and will make them partisan because they won’t participate.

Rogin, who recently visited Taiwan, also spoke about how the situation is getting more dangerous in the region. Rogin explained this is not because the Taiwanese people are pushing for independence or because the war hawks and neocons in Washington are pushing for a Cold War, it’s changing because Beijing is becoming more aggressive and have changed the constitution of China to make it more hawkish on Taiwan.