God’s Truth Over Politics: Is That Even Possible? Two Pastors Help Repair the Breech Caused by Political Rancor

The last few years have seen some of the most contentious politicking of the modern era, where friends and members of the same family can’t talk to each other because of who they voted for, or what cause they support; even in some cases, disinviting family to weddings, or refusing to go to a family funeral, all because they can’t love each other enough to say ‘we agree to disagree’ and to engage in meaningful discussion instead of sparring on social media and canceling each other. Enter Pastors Patrick Miller and Keith Simon. They are answering the clarion call of a Christ centered way to navigate through these next few days leading up to the midterms, the next presidential election and beyond. Their book, “TRUTH OVER TRIBE: Pledging Allegiance to the Lamb, Not the Donkey or the Elephant”, is only for those people who want to step away from the precipice of making their politics their very identity. It is only for people who want to bow down to the authority of Christ first, instead of a particular party or position. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Miller and Simon talk about, sometimes humorously, the sadness that comes when we can’t reconcile and the isolation and anxiety when the tribe we belong carries more weight than God’s Truth. The idea is that are you intent on winning an argument, or winning a friend? Miller and Simon point the way to the truth and the Light.