Florida AG Ashley Moody: Biden Is Literally Putting The American Population At Risk By Not Enforcing Border Policies

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to sound the alarm on the nationwide fentanyl crisis, and why parents should be extra careful when inspecting the candy their children receive this Halloween.

“In Florida, we’re advising parents to have the difficult conversations with your kids right now. It has never been more important as to why you don’t take anything you don’t know where it comes from. Even if it’s rainbow colored from a friend, don’t take it.  We’ve seen rainbow colored pills coming across the border, fentanyl pills. And now we are seeing fentanyl pills being put into candy wrappers. Just last week, they seized fentanyl being packaged in Whopper, SweeTart and Skittle packages, which as a parent who has a kid that will be going trick or treating, it’s horrifying.”

Plus, AG Moody tries to convince Jimmy to become the latest resident of New York head south and relocate to the Sunshine State. To hear what else she had to say, listen to the podcast!