Herschel Walker Accuses Obama Loyalists of Calling Him A “House N-Word”

Herschel Walker, Georgia Republican Senate candidate, spoke to Brian Kilmeade and thinks his opponent Senator Raphael Warnock and the democrats are nervous and feel the seat is so valuable they are saying and doing anything to keep it. Walker calls Warnock a one trick pony who votes with President Biden 96% of the time. Walker spoke about his friendship with President Trump and how he is thankful for his advice and all he has done for him. Walker said President Biden and democrats saying Georgia’s voting law Jim Crowe 2.0 disgusting, racist, and they are using those words to separate and divide people. Walker also accused people associated with President Obama of calling him a House N-word. When asked about Stacey Abrams saying abortion fights inflation, Walker called that insulting and absolutely terrible we are even discussing that in this country. Walker went on to say that we can’t have people like Abrams, Warnock and other democrats in office who don’t believe in cash bail, police and abolishing prisons and feels that is a Marxist mentality.