New Hampshire Republican Congressional candidate Karoline Leavitt joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to share her thoughts on the White House’s recent attempts to defend their economic policies, specifically pertaining to inflation and gas prices.

“They want us all to suffer because the end goal is for them to have complete and total control and power over our agricultural industry, our economy and pretty much every institution in this country. So that’s why they’re pushing these policies. They know they’re not good for us. Are you kidding me? You know, do you think they’re too stupid to believe spending 740 billion more dollars is actually going to reduce inflation? No, they just named it that to try and trick the American people into thinking it was a good idea. And they’re furthering, trying to bankrupt our economy, squeeze the middle class, wipe out small businesses so they can have more people hooked on the government and more control for them. And that’s the truth to the power we need to start speaking about as conservatives and Republicans. We all know the solutions to these issues. Right? is pretty simple. Tap back into our domestic energy production, lower costs and lower taxes and less regulation for businesses to thrive. But we have to start calling out the Democrats for why they’re pushing these policies in the first place. And it’s always about power and control.”

Plus, Karoline pushes back on some of baseless attacks being levied at her from Democrats in New Hampshire. To hear what else she had to say, listen to the podcast!