New Jersey to Force COSTCO to do this…?

Gas is expensive in Biden’s America and now one Democrat state wants to force COSTO to sell their lower-priced gas to all, including non-members.

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Most folks know that one of the benefits of being a paid COSTO member is access to their relatively cheap prices on a whole litany of products, including gasoline.

Well now two New Jersey state senators want to force COSTO to allow even non-members to take advantage of those gas prices.

Over the summer, Costo ended an 18-year deal that allowed for that and now these Democrats want to bring it back saying gas is a commodity and a membership shouldn’t be needed.

Well listen, I’m all for low prices for all but why the heck should non-paying non-members get the same perks as paying members?

A basic Costco membership is $60 bucks a year and includes access to gas stations at warehouses. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so and I don’t think the state should be forcing private businesses to take it in the shorts thanks to DEMOCRAT policies making gas overpriced!

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