From Washington: A Growing Reluctance To Polls

Pollsters have recently been experiencing more difficulty as they reach out to voters in order to gain understanding ahead of the Midterms. A large portion of conservative voters is hiding their beliefs from others, thus creating an inaccurate representation of responses within polls. Co-Director of the Fox News Poll Daron Shaw explains how bias perception, technology, and lack of incentives are leading to response reluctance. He also shares the latest FOX News Power Rankings and discusses whether or not a hidden wave of conservative voters will turn out for the November elections.

Despite the issue of abortion previously giving Democrats momentum ahead of the Midterms, recent polling has suggested that the margin of success for the party is diminishing. Control over the Senate is still considered to be a tossup, and one of the key seats Republicans are trying to flip in order to gain control is that held by Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D). FOX News Radio Political Analyst and Senior Political Correspondent for Axios Josh Kraushaar provides insight into the tightening race between Masto and her opponent, former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt. He discusses which issues are giving Republicans an edge, as well as emerging trends among Latino voters within the state.