Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot gets into it with the CEO of McDonald’s over crime in her city.

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When it comes to rampant crime in her city, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot believes if she doesn’t acknowledge it, it’s not there.

Well Lori, everyone else with eyes, ears and a pulse would beg to differ- including the CEO of McDonalds who flagged the crime in Chicago as reason for concern.

Last week in a talk to the Economic Club of Chicago, the Golden Arches CEO was asked why major companies keep leaving the city to which he said the city needed to “face facts” about a city in “crisis.”

Mayor Lightfoot didn’t like that comment, or basic reality, so she stupidly said it is the CEO of McDonald’s who needs “education” before speaking.

She also said she chooses to focus on the positive and the good news in Chicago.

Lori, your city is facing a violent crime epidemic. Your law enforcement officers are undermined at every turn. Your streets are not safe and your homicide rate is skyrocketing.

Perhaps YOU need to educate yourself and do something about it before more major companies pack up and head to greener and SAFER pastures!