TV ratings for the Emmys dropped to a new all-time low.

You know what they say, go WOKE, go broke!

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The average American doesn’t want to watch whiny, overpaid Hollywood Liberals grandstand at award shows anymore and it shows.

NBC’s 74th Primetime Emmy Award Show averaged under 6 million viewers, a new low for a broadcast that has been steadily dropping to new lows over the last four years.

Meanwhile, the Monday night football simulcast- on the same night- was up 17% from last year’s franchise opener. In fact, it was the biggest cumulative audience since 2009!

So people are watching TV, they just aren’t watching these stuffy awards shows anymore!

True sports, like entertainment, has gone woke in many ways but due to the constraints of playing an actual game, even whiny athletes aren’t able to showboat their politics DURING the event. The same is not so for these awards shows where simple “thank you” acceptance speeches have become soap box moments for out of touch celebrities to virtue signal.

The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the ratings! GO WOKE, GO BROKE AND UNWATCHED!

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