Gen. Keith Kellogg Slams ‘Wokeness’ And ‘Politicization’ Of America’s Military: ‘I Couldn’t Tell People In A Straight Face, Yeah, You Got To Join The Military’

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L.T. General Keith Kellogg (Retired) Fox News Contributor and Former National Security Adviser To VP Pence, Former Chief Of Staff Of National Security Council In The Trump Administration joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the latest offensive in Ukraine and the recruitment problem facing the U.S military.

General Kellogg sounded off on the crisis in recruitment of new military service members by saying,

I’ve got to be honest with you, I just couldn’t I couldn’t tell people in a straight face, yeah, you got to join the military. I think it’s a great thing. It’s a great career builder, confidence builder. I don’t see that anymore, guy. And I think the only way that changes out if you change our senior leadership and some of it at uniform level, but a lot of it in the political level as well.”