China-Russia ‘No-Limit Partnership’ Becomes A Major Concern

China’s president is set to meet face-to-face with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week, marking President Xi Jinping’s first trip abroad in over two years. This summit is expected to further solidify a China-Russia partnership, which comes at a time in which the United States is supporting both Taiwan and Ukraine against both of these nations. Foreign Relations Committee Member, Congressman Darrell Issa joins the Rundown to share the importance of supporting our allies after his recent trip to Taiwan, the dangers of China and Russia’s ‘no-limit’ friendship and how the U.S. could lower the global price of oil and sanction the Russian economy in the process. Later, he previews the GOP’s new ‘Commitment to America’ midterms platform.

Tonight marks the country’s final primaries as voters in Delaware, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island head to the polls. With Midterms just eight weeks away, Democrats are feeling new optimism about their chances of success in November. Although issues such as falling gas prices and abortion rights seem to be in their favor, the party’s reliance on recent poll numbers may be misguided. FOX News Radio Political Analyst and Senior Political Correspondent at Axios Josh Kraushaar joins the Rundown with a look at tonight’s races, the role former President Trump may play in the midterms, and why polling does not always show a clear picture of the political landscape.

Plus, commentary by host of ‘The Ben Domenech Podcast,’ Ben Domenech.