Kirk Cameron’s New Film, “Lifemark” Is About the Power of Choices

It was one decision that made a world of difference in a plethora of lives. This is the underlying theme of the movie “Lifemark,” now out in theaters, and starring Kirk Cameron. Cameron, who came to fame in the 1980’s playing “Mike Seaver” on the sitcom “Growing Pains,” is now producing and developing Christian based content for television and film. He’s teamed up again with the Kendrick Brothers, who he first worked with on the movie “Fireproof,” which is about saving a marriage. Lifemark is about saving a life. In this case it’s about a young man who’s adopted, who journeys to meet his biological mother. The story of course is very pro-life, but it goes deeper, fleshing out the complex relationships created when a mother elects NOT to have an abortion, and the lives that are changed for the better because of that decision. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Cameron talks about why he was moved to make this film. His own experience as the father of four adopted children and his wife Chelsea, who is adopted herself. The Grand Narrative of the film is that God has a tremendous purpose through adoption, and that life is the most incredible gift, even if it comes in the most unexpected ways.