CA Fast Food LAW

One greasy governor signed a “Fast Food Recovery Act” into law.

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California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new fast food industry initiative into law.

The new law will create a “fast food council” to set wages and working conditions for industry employees working in franchises with 100 or more US locations.

Now that doesn’t sound so bad on its face, until you realize this council has the power to raise wages from $15 to $22 bucks an hour.

Does flipping cheeseburgers really garner that kind of a paycheck? I don’t tend to think so but here’s the ugly reality.

$22 minimum wage sounds good, until you unpack the consequences.

If wages are raised that high, businesses and employers are going to offset that expense by raising prices and/or cutting workers.

And who does that harm? Consumers AND workers! And then there’s that little thing called..INFLATION!

Once again, the bureaucracy steps in to “fix a problem” by creating another one!

This is truly a rotten idea!

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