The RINO “View”

The new RINO co-host of “The View” is just as condescending as we expected.

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Long gone are the days of “The View’ when an actual conservative voice was represented.

In an attempt to create faux balance, the show has spent the last 5 plus years bouncing from soft RINO to soft RINO and this latest addition to the table is no different.

Her name is Alyssa Farah Griffin, she served in the Trump Administration in a number of different roles but has since become a “Never Trumper” hell-bent on disparaging our former president.

She has said she regrets working for Trump and never wants to see him be president again.

She is entitled to her opinion…but if she thinks she is going to now be the voice for the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump, she is sadly mistaken.

But that’s what she claimed on Good Morning America earlier this week, that she can be some kind of bridge between republicans and Trump supporters and tell us what the future of the GOP can and should be.

Um, sorry Alyssa. We don’t need you telling us who to support and what to think, especially as you perch yourself on “The View” and look down on us.

The liberals might be giving you some love and affection right now because you’re anti-Trump, but don’t be surprised if that comes back to bite you in the behind!

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